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Slot Car Transporter - 1

The Stanley Mobile work center was purchased for $116 from Adelaide Merchandising, Galway Avenue, Marleston. The pictures show the snap up walk handle up . There is a separate small carry handle on the lid of the top box as well. Top box can be separated from the lower box and wheel assembly. So you can just use the top box by itself.

For when the two boxes assembled I added a hinge & duck tail to fold down when stationary. This helped with stability.

I added a barrel bolt on the rotating parts draw. it kind of locks but I did not want it coming open at the wrong time.  

Slot Car Transporter - 2

The front "Joey" Pouch is very handy for all tools, lubricants and other things you may need quick access to. I made up dividers for the top compartment with white 45mm x 75mm right angle thin plastic. I joined the corners with 20mm x 20mm white right angle plastic and gel grip. I screwed the angle to the top base with 4g x 6mm RH screws. I painted the angle with Power Plus flat black engine enamel.

Slot Car Transporter - 3

This is the lower box with the wheels. There is quite a bit of room in this section. I put 2 20mm x 20mm white plastic right angles along the side of the box. These are halfway up the sides. These are to support 2 car trays which hold 4 cars each. 3 x 1/32 & 1x 1/24 scale on each tray. The trays are 4mm Masonite , A 25mm x 25mm white plastic right angle at each of the tray . There is the 3 dividers of 45mm x 45mm thicker white plastic right angles. The dividers are screwed to the Masonite bases with 4g v 6mm screws.

1/8" brass rod is passed through the dividers each side to prevent the cars rolling off the trays. I bent the rod for the 1/24 BRM Toyota to give clearance. I have also put some heat shrink over the rod for the 1/ 24 cars. This could be done on all the compartments if desired. The trays are painted again with the Flat Enamel.

The trays are the same size so they can be interchanged easily . The space under these trays could easily accommodate food & drink box a writing pad and more tools. Or even a small test bench and small sealed 12v battery.

Slot Car Transporter - 4

The fitting top box dividers I described in the second section . There is space for 3 x 1/24 BRM cars and 4 x 1/32 scale cars. ( or 7 x 1/32 cars if you like. )

The dividers are 75 mm High so would take a fly truck if need be. Also if you have a serious number of cars you could piggy back another 7 X 1/32 cars on top with a felt in between the cars.

A piece of 4mm Masonite fits on top of the car compartment . Hand Controllers can be placed on this .

The top lift out tray Is where I propose to put the cars that are being used for racing at the time. This tray will hold 3 x1/24 or 1/32 cars or a combination of both. 


I find the box even handy at home . I can take all cars into the house or out to the track . As well most repair equipment can come with them.

The boxes and trays will hold 18 cars. 5 of them could be 1/24 scale. This box That is equivalent to 3 single layer slot car boxes. That would be difficult to carry at one time.

The whole Transporter with cars and equpiment is easy to lift and carry . It is reasonably light to lift being of plastic construction.

It is easy to separate the two boxes very quickly with the two side clips. Access to each section is a matter of seconds.

The top box could be used independently. That may be handy for meetings where you only need 6 to 9 cars and a controller. - You may have to pack some tools in another small box or forgo a car space or two for the tools and lubricants.

The larger " walking" handle is very quick to snap up & down when needed.

This Stanley Mobile Work Center has been easy to convert to a Slot Car Transporter and is a very convenient size

Cheers, John


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