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Fitting an FC 130 short can to a SCX motor pod

Fitting the Pioneer QS 18K to the SCX NASCAR

This method could be used to replace the motor most SCX cars with the RX142B motor.

The SRP 16K Control motor would be fitted the same way for small Touring Cars

I Used the Adaptor Kit SP08 .

I removed the rear axle & crown gear.

I then removed the SCX motor.

This was the PRO NASCAR. It has a pod that moves back in the chassis.

I glued that to stop that movement.

I then drilled the hole in the chassis bracket with a 15/64” drill.

This to allow the can end of the Pioneer motor to fit into the rear motor bracket.

The can boss is smaller on the SCX motor.

I then marked & drilled the rear bracket at 3 & 6 o’clock Position. The SCX motor had a hole at 12 o’clock for a screw. The Pioneer does not have a tapped hole in this position for the motor retaining screw.

A 10 T pinion was fitted to the Pioneer.

You might choose another size pinion depending on the track the car is operating.

I then discarded the small adaptor piece that goes on the can end supplied in the kit.

I used a rotating file to remove two ridges on the motor side of the rear motor bracket.

Then I made sure the Pioneer Motor went home against the motor bracket.

I fitted the adaptor to the Bell housing end of the Pioneer Motor. This adaptor has 2 clips molded in the bracket which clip into the bell housing where the can locking tabs for the can are engaged to the Bell housing.

The motor is then fitted to the rear motor bracket with 2 motor retaining screws.

The 10 tooth pinion was in the correct position on the motor shaft when pushed on until flush with the end of the Motor shaft.

This needs to be checked as the pinion position may vary with different size crown gears.

before fitting the motor to the rear bracket.

The conversion on the Bell housing end clips into the front motor mounting bracket .

I fitted a Plafit 30 tooth gear to the axle. You can choose another brand of crown gear with a different number of teeth to suit your conditions.

I had to remove a small amount of plastic

from the chassis slot for the Crown Gear to clear the gear.

I used 1/32 axle spacers to locate the axle & the crown gear mesh.

If a Crown is used the motor shaft is not long enough to reach the Crown gear locating trunnion. I like the spacer thrust adjustment more than the gear trunnion anyway.

The mesh was smooth the axle free to turn with the motor & axle mounted.

The car was nice to drive. Much more pleasant than with the SCX motor which in many cases seem to lack power.

Pioneer QS 18K fitted to SCX Pro NASCAR


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