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New Class ! The Small Classic Touring Cars

We have had this class for a long time. We allowed the cars to be modified from standard with alloy wheels , change of motors to a limit of 20k/180g torque.

The original motors , particularly Scalextric are really too powerul for the size of the car. That meant much weight was added to keep the cars on the track at 12 volts.

So now ether is a limit to the motor . In FF it has to be replaced with the SRP 18speed motor. With the FC130 it can be a NC-1 Ninco or equivalent. Allowed equivalents are the BWA NC1 14.6 k @ 12v and the SRP 16k @ 14Volt white end bell. 

The Plafit EZ 3400 "RTR" Chassis in small Tourers

To modify the plastic chassis and fit gears and alloy wheels does work out to about $90 on top of the $50 or so for the base car, The results can be less that ideal with handling for wood track racing. The Plafit EZ 3400 will fit the small touring cars in many cases.This is usually available for around the $60

Unfortunately the chassis although ready to run has too large a wheels & tyres and the track is too wide for many 1/32 scale touring cars . Also it come with a Plafit pointer motor and 12T :30T gearing. All a bit much for a small touring car . Plafit make a wheel that would be suitable for the small touring cars. Its a pity the chassis is not available without the wheels and motor.

So the motor & pinion is exchanged for one of the control motors for the class. The motor I use is the BWA -NC1 14.6K . This motor is available from DArt Hobbies in Canada. Art is very helpful with a large range of BWA wheels & inserts as well to suit the class. He has also a large range of urethane tyres to suit the Class Link to Art's site - DArt Hobbies Link - DArt Hobbies - Parts Art has a very good postage deal for over $50 of parts as well.

MJK make a very nice 12mm light weight rim with internal grub screw. I used these for the Torana with MJK There are various tyres in the MJK range that will also suit the small tourers.

Urethane is the only material allowed for rear tyres in the small touring car class.

The motor pinion I use is the 10 tooth Purple Plafit . It fits very well onto the BWA shaft. They come in a packet of 4 from ACE Hobbies in Queensland at very low cost. This by using the supplied Plafit orange 30T crown complies with the required 3:1 gear ratio. The Plafit chassis is also available from Werner at Ace. He is the Plafit Agent for Australia so has all the components of the EZ 3400 available . This includes add on weight ballast which attaches with screws.

Link for EZ 3400 parts at ACE Hobbies EZ 3400 Parts

Torana Interior

Other small Tourers - Plafit Chassis (Also Large 1/32 cars)

I have measured aother small tourer cars & the plafit chassis as fitted with the parts for the Torana. The chassis will fit most of them. Narrow cars like the Cortina Mk1may need skinny wheels but by jacking the rear the tyre fits under the wheel arch. but not protuding past the body and Looks OK . Although it is high it does not look out of place. Most others like the Auto Art or Fly alfa wil fit ok .

Some use the HRS chassis which is another way to build the small touring cars.

However the Plafit EZ 3400 will fit from the small tourers right up to the American vintage Stock cars like the Monogram FairLanes. ( may need a plare to lengthen about 3 mm in some cases 


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