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MT 1 Controller - adding trigger loop wire

******* MT I Trigger Loop Wire *******

The addition of the Wire Loop to the controller triggers has proved worthwhile.

The MT I does not have the convenient 'T' point on the main board to solder the wire to.

Here are a few photos to show the best place to run the wire.

One end is soldered to the trigger saddle as shown, and the other end feeds through the hole in the PCB and connects on the back under the heat sink plate as sho




The MT 11 trigger loop wire

Trigger Wire Loop

Take approximately 60mm of wire typically used in slot cars to connect the guide braids to the motor. This is very flexible multi-core cable ideal for this application.

Solder one end to the point on the main board marked 'T'

loop it gently as shown in the images and solder the other end to the trigger saddle.

Try to get the cable to run along the trigger body as far as possible to reduce metal fatigue on

the soldered end.

This additional loop of wire assists the middle contact strip on the contact board and helps with the brake and maximum trigger positions in particular. It also serves to maintain connection for all the other trigger positions.

MT11 Trigger Loop Wire 1

MT 11 Trigger loop wire - 2


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