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Details of Race Control using the Track Mate System. DS system is used as a back up for teh Enduro .

This is an explanation of procedure for running the races as a race controller -

It would also be worth anybody competing to read this as it explains the system for running the races at FPR This explanation is for a Teams Enduro on 2 separate 4 lane tracks

Four rounds are run - 2 on each track.

Set up the race . ( after drivers or teams and the race has been formatted)

All teams are entered as driver so you do not have to worry about that.

The race set up is fairly straightforward off the menu .

1. after the race is finished First export and then race screen display then the export from the options menu. Then exit the race day screen with the red cross

2. Remove all Teams from the “drivers” selection box - there is a button called “remove all” to do this or with a small number they can be slid i=off n=back to the main drivers list

3. Bring in the teams in your round from the available teams list.

Maybe try to jumble the team selection order from what it was on the first track - FPR in your case. Although there are only 3 teams in your group.

it is good to change the neighbours in the lanes a bit.

4. Make sure to change the race to the correct round that it is running . If it is the second round then make sure round 2 race appears in the box . Then cross check the screen details to see all are correct

This makes it easier to follow the Excel sheets afterwards as they are marked with the correct round number.

5. The way I have it organized the correct name of the track should also appear on the screen and on the Excel race result sheet.

Once the race & team selection is correct you can select start race.

6. The main scoring computer is connected to track mate on both tracks . The secondary back up is connected to the DS system . Both have tp start the race at about the same time .

I Will explain how to in race procedure below.

7 The back up computer has to be set up to mirror the main Track Mate computer on the race screen . It has to have the teams selected in the same order as the main

computer & with the same round number displayed on the race day screen.

Running the Heats of the race ( or round )

1. The DS go button is pressed first . the DS box itself will beep 4 or 5 times . At this point the finger should be on the space bar of the main Track Mate computer& push it. This means the start lights on the main & back up computer should be close to the same start. possibly 1 or 2 seconds difference is no problem.

2. When the green light appears on the screen & go is called on the main computer ( audio on the back up is disconnected) the same should be happening

on the back up computer. The countdown clock will start operating on both screens with maybe a second or so difference .

3. If something gets out of sync or there is a false hit the space bar on the main computer (Track Mate) . This will stop the cars & the race .

The DS can be stopped but that is not critical as it will reset again at the restart.

4. To get the cars back to the start line you will have to give power on the key board of the main with the keys colored green. This switches on the power relay.

One has to be held down while the other is pushed.The power relay is switched off at the end of the race time by the Main computer through Track Mate

5 Now that the race is to be restarted the Space bar WILL NOT WORK to restart. You have to go to the file pull down menu & restart from there. But again the DS

needs 2 pushes of the go button - one to reset the DS the next to start. When the DS beeps stop mouse select the start heat in the main computer drop down menu.

The next heat start you should be able to use clear & then start with the space bar. It only will not work on the space bar once roy have decide to cancel that

heat & restart. It will work if just pausing but we avoid pausing unless absolutely necessary . in this case you would have to pause the DS as well.

Race heat concluded.

1. The cars have to remain in there finishing position when the power is cut by the timing relay.

2. The laps are recorded on the manual recording sheet as they appear on the screen by the designated recorder and the team managers on there lap sheets.

3. The cars are then moved to the adjacent lane as indicated on the Next Heat small box on the screens.

4. When the new drivers are in place & the cars have the correct lane sticker.

5, Go back to #1 of “Running the heats of the Race” above

Race ( Round) over

1. The first thing is to EXPORT ( not save) the race results to an Excel file which has the DESKTOP as its destination .

This is selected in the first pull down column .

2. Then in the pull down “windows” select the RACE RESULTS screen . Give a chance for the official recorder to note the totals as well as the team managers.

3. Go to the OPTION pull down column . Select “stats” . On the resulting screen select the race & round just held so it is highlighted .

4. EXPORT ( not save) the correct file is an excel file with a destination of the DESKTOP.

We are now ready to go back to Race Set up for the next round - on the other track.

I hope I have covered most of the details a race controller needs to know . There are plenty of other things tag can show there ugly head during the event - I will have to fix them.

There will be no restart for missed laps . the team manage must report them immediately after the heat if they have not been recorded.

The program allows laps to be added or subtracted at the end of each heat. - This correction works ok for timed races

i will forward this to the other budding race controllers so they can try to understand how it all works from the Race Control seat.  

FPR 1/24th Vintage Car Rules

Thanks to Mike F. FPR Scrutineer for reviewing the FPR vintage rules.

Please send any comments or concerns to John and I will forward to Mike


FPR 1/24 Vintage Classes - Rules


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