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Max Newcombe - Home Built Cars

BRM Porsche 917 was a white kit and I added small rear wing in the middle and Marilyn did the driver's name and Aussie flag.

Decals are Patto's and it was finished with Pledge Floor Care floor sealer which has lasted well.

Ferrari 330 P4 was made from a Fujimi plastic kit with MJK Le Mans chassis and has seen three enduros now and showing some scars.

Painted with bright red, not Ferrari red to make it stand out a bit more.

Cox BRM was completed from most of the bits and chassis I got from Dennis Miller with Graham Hill from my box of old bits.

Monogram Midget was from a busted body which needed some repair work and bars and rods were made of 1.5 mm alumium tubing.

Chassis was in reasonable order and with some new Cox gears and a lot of freeing up it runs quite well.



John Smedley - Home Built Cars

Scale Auto 1/24 BMW Z4

Mel Mc Ewin's Elfin 100 Monocoque - For Tasman Cup Proxy Race 2016

1/24 BRM Italia Porsche 911 GT1


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