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Conversion of 1/24 Scale Auto BMW M3 to 1/24 BRM GT Wheels and MJK BRM GT Tyres

The 1/24 BRM rear wheels are available for a reasonable price. They have a fine thread 1.5mm Grub screw which is a great advantage. even so I put a flat on the axle for the screw to seat on . The spur gear has to be reversed and the red spacer removed . One red spacer is removed from the other side. It all fits with no rim protrusion past the body .I am not sure about other Scale Auto Models have enough clearance on the guard.

MJK BRM GT tire fitting

 I next fitted the MJK 1/24 BRM GT tyres to the rim . I used 4 drops of Bostick around the rim on the inside then the outside rim edges. - Lift the tire a bit then using a wood meat skewer ( or tooth pick) apply drops of the super glue.

The body mount plastic runners had to be trimed a bit to clear the tyres. Not too much as the body mount screw is close to the end of the runner.

The tyres were then trued and the edges well rounded to clear the guards. By fitting a Plafit Crown I was able to get more clearance to the guard. 

Finished fitting using Scale Auto Crown

Fitting the 44T Plafit crown gear

 The recess in the hub of the plafit 44T gear is show. It allows the wheel to come in a bit giving more guard clearance. The original crown is also 44T.

I had to r/r the motor to push the original 12T pinion in 2 mm .

Careful not to loose the red plastic spacer on the can end chassis mount .

The mesh adjustment was not necessary in this case. 

Fitting completed with the Plafit crown.

With plafit Crown under view

Scale Auto trims fit

I used a few drops of Bostick Multi Bond to retain the wheel trims.

Job done & it performs better then the standard Scale auto skinney rims with the low profile MJK tyres.  


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