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Fulham Park Raceway Tire Rules 

MJK Engineering tires are allowed for all 1/24-scale classes.

Any other brand of tire will require the track owner's approval before use.

No silicon compound tires are to be used and no substances other than water and approved cleaning liquid are to be applied to the tire surface. No Liquid is to be applied to the track surface.

All tires are to be cleaned or sanded before using the FPR tracks

Any tire washing & sanding of tires as well as the lubricating of the cars moving parts must be done only on the test beds provided.

Please clean off the test beds if you deposit any liquid or other substance on them.

The tires are to be dry & clean before placing on the race track surface.

The car is not to be lifted by hand to spin the wheels on the track on or above the track surface.

Please co-operate with these guidelines to prevent friction reducing contaminants being lodged on the track surface.

FPR 1/24th Vintage Car Rules

Thanks to Mike F. FPR Scrutineer for reviewing the FPR vintage rules.

Please send any comments or concerns to John and I will forward to Mike


FPR 1/24 Vintage Classes - Rules


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