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1/24 BRM GT Le Mans ( made in Italy ) - Information

Hi , Just some information about the 1/24 BRM GT Le Mans Class At FPR . We have some new drivers and they may not know about the class.

We started the class just after the Larger Lincoln Park track was completed. The cars were detailed well and nice to drive. The competition had been close.

This is because the only motor allowed is the standard motor fitted to the cars, the BRM - 027 motor.

The main area for attention is the gears as they are inline configuration. Careful adjustment is necessary with a minimum of backlash. This should be constantly checked and the gears lubricated with the correct grease before each race meeting. A 34 T & 36T crown are supplied . An 8 tooth pinion is fitted to the motor . There is a spare 9 tooth pinion in some cases .

I have discovered that replacing the original 8 tooth pinion with the optional 9 tooth pinion does make the cars a lot quieter . I do replace with Plafit gears but if the 9 T pinion is used the 36 tooth

crown gear is best to use.

There is now an angle winder Porsche available from BRM . We have decided to only allow the inline version in the championship .

So if you are buying one make sure it is the inline configuration.

BRM of Italy also make a Toyota 88C inline model . This is acceptable in the class.

They do need some weight in front of the pickup flag on the chassis . In some cases the guide flag may need a shim under it to make sure it is fully engaged in the slot.

They come with thick copper braids and an alternate tinned silver braid. It is best to use the tinned thinner braid.

One point of wear is the guide flag. They are not expensive so getting a spare is advisable.

The cars come with a little tool kit of a screwdriver and an allan key for the grub screws in the wheels & crown gear . There is some assembly to do - it usually takes an hour or so.

The body is fully detailed and complete.

There is 2 versions for most of the Porsches. The difference is in the body mounting. The early versions were retained with 4 fine thread screw with a washer. There is a recess on the body mount post to

allow the body to "float" when the screws are tightened. The later version has no recess on the post ( & the post is shorter) .

There is a screw locked into the body post . In the chassis is a encapsulated rubber "o" ring at each of the post holes. The chassis is pushed on so that the "o" ring is pushed over the fixed screw in the post.

This allows body float and the body is pushed on & off without undoing screws.

Some cars have Bronze bushes and some have plastic in the rear axle . Replacements are availble for both . It may pay to ask which type are provided.

There are 2 designs of rear wing . One is only supported by the center wing bracket. The other is supported by side plates coming up from the body. This is the stronger mounting . Rubber supports could be used with the center post type.

We fit MJK tires to the standard BRM rims for better grip. These need to be glued trued on a tire lathe ( Can do at FPR ) .

The cars are available from USA at the web URL below. Slotcar132 does provide a spare chassis if the car is the old design . There is a small modification to do to the body posts for the "o" ring system.

The spare chassis is supplied included for the usual buying price.

There is a choice of shipping which you can select . The cheaper shipping is about $17

FPR has four of the BRM GT cars for loan . Each car is assigned to a lane and remains on that lane .

Here is the Slotcar 132 USA URL:



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