Slot Cars Adelaide

Tools & Equipment - what you may need


1. Small Phillips Head screw driver -    Tips - nice size handle . Magnetic tip is best.

2. Pliers - Mini pointy noise pliers and diagonal cutters.

3. CRC 2-56 spray lubricant & electrical cleaner .

4.  Mini oil bottle with needle nozzle & fill it with the  CRC    2-56.

           You can lube all bearings  of both axles, motor bushes (if required) .

     the CRC 2-56 Iis  also used to clean motor commutators and the contact braid.

5. Chux blue wiper (or similar) -  damp with clean water - only thing permited for   

     cleaning tires

         Due to Shellite being hydrocarbon its use is no longer advised for tire treatment.                          

6. Plastic gear grease. Available from hobby shops with model trains & slot cars.

   Woodland Senics produce grease in a small white tube.  It is also suitable for metal gears.


Cars For Sale - Prefer COD pick- up ring John 0412 857 008

Fly 1/32 Scale 

New - Unused

 Fly Porsche EVO GT1 GB71   - Black #76 Texaco Car    -    $89  new in box


Also Have Scalextric V8 Supercars & F1  for sale. New & Used