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The FPR rules are to be updated shortly so some

 of the rules are not correct at the moment 

Hi I have just completed the rules tables for 2019. I hope they are all correct . It has been a very big job to do - probably a month’s work at least .  However I think it makes reading the rules simpler and quicker to reference and should be better going forward now 

for people to read without the many pages that was the case in previous rule documents .

There may be rules  that will need updating from time to time but I hope that the updates are  minimal. Please check any special edition file of the rules for special events .  

 I will not send an Excel file of the rules as the formatting is not following the Mac numbers formatting - which is more advanced than Excel . Hopefully the PDF will suffice for our purposes. The Numbers file should work on any MAC device.  

Any rule that needs explanation please contact me by email and I will help define the rule .  

So Happy New Year and I am  looking forward to the racing at FPR in 2019 with most specifications explained in this document. 

Cheers, John

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2  FPR Tuesday Night Driver's Championship Classes

3.  FPR Friday Night Classes


4. FPR Special Classes

5. FPR Tuesday Night Classes - Part 1

6. FPR Tuesday Night Classes - Part 2



7. FPR 1/24 Tuesday Night Classes

8.       FPR 1/32 Scale Special Classes

9. FPR 1/24 Scale Special Classes

10. FPR Speedway Oval Classes

11. FPR General Rules

12. FPR MJK Classic LeMans Enduro Class .

13. FPR 1/32 LMP Open Top Enduro

14. FPR Speedway Sprint Car Specification