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Fulham Park Raceway - Racing Rules 2018

These are the rules updated for 2018 at FPR. Associated raceways have very similar rules in place so preparation of cars for Western Adelaide Raceway,  COVE & Spitfire  raceways is mostly the same. 

For 1/24 MJK classes run at FPR  are  very similar to the class rules at Southern Slot Car Raceway.

However check with the individual raceways for any variations.

Hope you have fun & enjoy racing slot cars at FPR 

Cheers , John

 Last Update FPR Rules 25/7/2018 Chart

 The Rules Below are not fully updated Yet . The Chart download above is updated .

                       FPR General Rules 2018                      Page 1  2018

     1/32 Scale                     Open GT/sports                    Page 2a    2018




1/32 Scale              Group C                       page 2b  2018


      1/32 Scale                   Classic GT /Sports               Page 3a     2018



1/32  Scale                        Scalextric GT3                    Page 3b    2018

     1/32 Scale              Australian V8 Super Cars              page 4a   2018



1/32 Scale               Classic Touring Cars              page 4b      2018

1/24 Scale GT                   BRM Group C                      Page 5a 2018

1/24 Scale                        BRM GT                             Page 5b     2018

 1/24  Scale                        Scale Auto GT                    Page  6a 2018


1/24 Scale            MJK Group N Touring Cars               Page 6b  2018

1/24 Scale                Sprint Cars                      Page 7a   2018                                      

1/24 Scale               Speedway Special Classes            Page  7b    2018  

These classes are run infrequently  on Vintage or special Oval Track events


    1/32 Scale       GT / Sports Car  Special Classes             Page 8a  2018

1/32 Scale         GT/Sports Car Special Classes             Page 8b  2018

     1/32 Scale          Special Touring Car Classes              Page 9a   2018


1/32 Scale              Special Touring Car  Classes                Page 9b  2018

1/32 Scale           Formula 1 & GP Special Classes             Page 10a   2018

1/32 Scale                             Cartrix GP Legends                Page 10b  2018

 1/24 Classes                   MJK Can Am                      Page 11a  2018



1/24 Classes                  MJK Classic LeMans                Page 11b    2018

 1/24  Classes (Section 2B)          MJK Touring Cars           Page 12a  2018



1/24 Scale                      BRM Special Classes                    Page 12b   2018


1/32 Scale                     Prime Mover Trucks                        Page 12c   2018

 FPR -       Racing & Corner marshalling                                    Appendix #1

        RULES AT RACEWAYS ASSOCIATED WITH FPR                   (  Page 16 )
     Different track owners associated with FPR can have some different provisions in their rules.
      That is freedom of choice at work.

      So before attending a raceway please check that your car will comply with the particular raceway’s                          requirements.

     Sorry they are not exactly the same between raceways but different owners have different agenda’s and they        are free to do as they wish.

     The aim at FPR is for as close as we can to the standard car supplied by the manufacturer so there                       is  minimal cost for modifications necessary for wood track racing.

      In some special classes like Scalextric GT3 & Racer Group 5 FPR stick to one brand to enable everybody              to have the same motor and gearing specification in the class.                                                                                   Please enquire to an associated raceway about their rules before competing.

      I hope you enjoy racing at FPR and the Associated Raceways


      1. Pick a corner you can adequately Marshal. If you are not very tall perhaps pick a corner that you can                  easily reach all the cars.
      The same goes if you have problems reaching through some sort of illness or disability.
      Swap with somebody that can handle a corner requiring a longer reach or always use the box or                            stools that are provided.
      Please find a corner that suits your physical ability.
      If you have a “run in" marshal position please consider you ability to move safely.

        2.  Please be at the corner you are responsible for at least 20 seconds before the start of the heat                     so we can eliminate the need to
       call for marshals.
       Be aware that you are always eligible to marshal a corner if not racing. All that is asked is to do you                         fair share of marshalling.
       Please avoid car repairs during races unless there are adequate marshals to take your place.

         3.  Please focus on the corner you are marshalling and try not to be distracted by prolong conversation                   while you are marshalling.

         4.  Do not leave your marshalling point until you hear the heat over signal - wait for the straggling                              cars to finish.

        5   Please replace the innocent car first - (the car that gets rammed by another car is the innocent car.)
          Sometimes both cars can be replaced at the same time if you are in a good position Standing                                  at the corner and using both hand  would be one of the better methods of marshalling.
         6.  If you are in a position that may require a pick up stick to retrieve a car - like under a bridge                                    please locate where the pick up stick is before the start of the heat.
         7.  Watch for another car approaching in adjacent lanes when replacing a car.
            It is best to lift the dislodged car clear to allow the adjacent cars past then replace the dislodged car
            Marshalls, it is most important to re-slot the car in the correct lane.
            Take an extra part of a second to confirm the colour strip and avoid a costly mistake.
            Drivers: Be patient and aware that the marshall needs to be certain of the correct lane for your car .

           8.  Do not allow Jackets, lane colour discs or loose fingers dangle over the track & cause a another                          car  to dislodge while tryin  to replace the de-slotted car.

           9.  If you are on a badly lit corner for an Enduo it pays to have a small led torch to assist in marshalling.

           10.  Do not place any food or drink near the track that you may knock over while marshalling.


        1.  Please ensure the guide flag “ Self Centres’ and is free to turn. This is important and will help Marshals
         2.   Do not intimidate Marshals by voicing your displeasure if the Marshal makes a mistake or                                      is  slow  to replace the car.
             This only makes the Marshal nervous and then more likely to make mistakes.

         3.   Just a polite call of the Marshal’s name and your lane colour will alert him his services are required.
                As an example “ Fred on Blue please!” is the best way to get the Marshall’s attention and get you                          car  replaced  but you only need to call if the car that is dislodged is not noticed by the Marshal
         4.   Place your lane sticker only on the front of the car. Preferably with a bit of overhang of the sticker over                    the front of the  car so that it makes it is obvious it is the lane sticker and not part of the livery.

          5.   Above all acknowledge good work done by the Marshals to give incentive for improvement


      List of eligible GT3 Cars and Manufacturers              Appendix #2

                   FPR Car Class Table                                 Appendix #3

 1/32 Scale      FPR LMP ENDURO RULES                  Appendix#4

 FPR Adelaide F1 Championship               Appendix #5