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The FPR Classic Touring Car Class - For cars raced before 1979


                       The FPR  Classic Touring Car Classes
              These classes are for Models of Touring Cars raced cars prior to 1979  - 1/32 scale
This class is divided into 2 classes.
The Muscle Cars or CT/M class is for larger touring cars.
The other class is CT/E for smaller European built touring cars.
The dimensions is to be the same as the LX Holden Torana or less.
For Both classes:
. The motor must be rated at 20,500RPM and 180 g/cm torque or less.
There  is a 8mm round magnet placed centrally in the chassis and no more than 20mm
behind the front axle overall. Weight can be added to the chassis to improve handling. The maximum down force allowed is 130 grams.
This set up  gives "wood track" handling on the  Cabothane over Ferrodor  paint surface and evens out to some extent the physical differences between cars.


Classic Touring Car Championship  Cars CT/M and CT/E Classes


There is a large variety of cars available for these classes.

The cars are mostly standard out of the box cars.