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FPR 1/32  LMP Endurance Race  -  November  2014

Saturday 8th of November - Starts 6 pm

        The Fulham Park Raceway  is open from 4 pm . BBQ at 5 pm

        The race is for  open top  LMP1 & LMP2 1/32 LeMans Cars raced after 1998

        The race has 2 sections  . Group 1:  team of 4  - Group 1 drivers

                                                Group 2:  Team of 4  - Group 2 drivers and                                               One Group 1 driver is allowed in the Group 2 teams

    Note!  At the discretion of the race controller three drivers to a team  may be                     allowed  if a team has a driver retire for personal reasons. 

      Half the race  will half be daylight & half night time with track & car lights.                   Half the race on LP track & the other on FPR track.                                                       More details  are available on request.                                                  


Le Mans Teams Event - Car Rules 2014

        1.  Body & Chassis                                                                                

 (a) 1/32 scale Le Mans LMP 1 & 2 open top Sports Cars raced after year 1998.                                        (b)  The cars must have resin plastic bodies and chassis.                                                                               The car body and chassis has to be made by one  manufacturer and sold as a complete  unit             (c) The Components fitted to chassis may be changed to that of a different manufacturer                            The  main plastic chassis must not be altered from standard manufacture.                                             The motor pod is regarded as a component of the chassis                                                                        Chassis Modification Exceptions                                                                                                       The guide post hole can be strengthened. This can be a metal  or plastic plate attached to the front       section of the chassis in the area from in front of the motor to & including the guide post hole  but        no wider than the motor . A  guide post bushing  or the Nova B guide adapter can be fitted ,                  The guide post hole must be in the original chassis position.
    The rear pod mounting area can have a metal  or plastic plate added to take the rear pod mounting       screws. The screw heads must still be recessed above  the bottom of the chassis
    The strengthening plate can extend between the rear of the pod to the rear of the chassis.                     The plate is to be no wider than the motor pod.   Any fixing acres must be recessed

(d) Car chassis, body & gears must have clearance to the track surface and power rails.                       (e) If contact with the track or power rails is noticed the race controller may                                             ask  clearance to the track and rails is achieved before the car continues in the competition.              (f) A driver must ensure the body mounting screws are prevented from dislodging.                            (g) The axle bearings must be solid bushes not ball bearings                        

       2.   Tires & Wheels                                                                                                                                  Only tires manufactured by MJK  Engineering can be fitted to the drive  wheels                      (a)  There will be no requirement  for Manufacturer's specification of wheel & tire sizes.                          However the tire  must comply with the sizes stated in rule 2 (c) below                                                (b) The tires &  wheels must not protrude outside the body when viewed from  above                              (c) All tires & wheels are to be a minimum of 5mm and a maximum of 12mm in width overall.                  The maximum outside diameter of the tires is 22mm.                                                                          (d) All drive axle tires are to be fitted with tires  Manufactured  MJK Engineering only .                               The tires must be in their natural state.                                                                                               e) No lubricating substance or liquid is to be deposited on the track surface from the tires or                     any other components of any car.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3. Motor &  Gear  Ratios                                                                                                                 (a) The motor RPM is to be rated by the manufacturer to be 23,000 rpm or less.                                          The maximum torque allowed is 180g*cm. The motor is to be the short can Mabuchi FC130                    size.  Only Orange End Bell 21k and the NSR Shark 22.6K ( red case ) motors are permitted.       The motor must be mounted in the inline configuration  in the chassis.                                                   The original motor can be changed to one from another manufacturer subject to the                               scrutineers approval either before or during the event                                                                       (b) The motor must not of been dismantled or modified and must have the                                                 original manufacturers  labeling intact.                                                                                              (c) If the motor labeling is deteriorated or missing a competitor can apply to                                                the scrutineer for a  motor check.                                                                                                      (d) The final drive gear ratios can be changed to suit track conditions.                                        

    4.  Added weight and down force magnets                                                                    (a) Weight up to 20 grams can be added to the chassis in any position.                                                        If under the chassis the weight must be covered with an insulating coating.                                        (b) The car may have down force magnets installed.                                                                                          

     5.    Car Lighting  

(a) All cars are to be fitted with at two  headlights and two taillights .                                                    (b) The tail lights are to be place in the rear panel of the body                                                              (c) The head lights must be positioned within 10mm of  where they are placed on the full sized                      vehicle.                                                                                                                                           (d)  These lights must be working at the start of the event on both entered cars.                                            At least one headlight and one tail light must remain working during the night                                       sections.                                                                                                                                         (e) If the light s stop working on a car it is to replaced with the second car until the                                       lights are fixed.                                                                                                                                 (f) Fitting of Capacitors are recommended to maintain lighting when the car stationary .                               It is not compulsory though.  Batteries are not permitted

(g) If any lights are considered over distracting to other drivers, the race controller may ask the                 offending light be corrected




Scalex World Wins the FPR LMP Enduro 2013

Fulham Park Raceway Tire Rules     

    Only MJK Engineering tires are allowed for the FPR LMP Enduro

No silicon compound tires are to be used and no substances other than water and approved cleaning liquid are to be applied to the tire surface. No Liquid is to be applied to the track surface.

 All tires are to be cleaned or sanded before using the FPR tracks

Any tire washing & sanding  of tires as well as the lubricating of the cars moving parts  must be done only on the test beds provided.

Please clean off the test beds if you deposit any liquid or other substance on them. 

 The tires are to be dry & clean before placing on the race track surface.

The car is not to be lifted by hand to spin the wheels on the track on or above the track surface. 

Please co-operate with these guidelines to prevent friction reducing contaminants being lodged on the track surface.

The FPR Le Mans teams event 2013

This event is to be held on Saturday the 23rd  of November 2013

The race will start at  6 pm and will run for 3 hours of track time. 

The event will possibly last 4 hours with lane & track changes .

The event will be run as two events combined. 

The will be a group 1  and a group 2 section

Drivers & lanes will change  every 10 minutes. 

The laps will be tallied for each group to give the winning team for each group

Each of the groups will complete 16 of  ten minute heats. 

8 heats  will be on the FPR (smaller) track  and 8 heats on the LP (larger) track

  Day & night sections will coincide  on  both tracks .

The first Round ( four heats) will be daylight with Group 1 on  LP and Group2 on FPR

The next will be night  with the groups changing tracks .

The  second Round  will be night and the groups will change tracks 

The 3rd round will be Night.  Groups will run on the same tracks as the 1st  Round.

The final round will be Day and the same tracks  for groups as the 2nd round

Two cars are allowed for each team. 

 Each team consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of four nominated drivers

Each nominated driver must compete in a minimum of two 10 minute heats. 

 A team reserve driver can be selected in addition to the nominated drivers but is not

required to drive any heats. However if  the reserve is called to drive the reserve is to

participate in a minimum of two 10 minute heats.

The Heat times & duration of the race can be changed at the discretion of Race Control.

The Cars are to comply with the FPR  Le Mans Enduro Car Rules.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The FPR 3 Hour Enduro 2012 - Winners

FPR  3 Hour Enduro 2012             17/11/2012


I congratulate the winners of the FPR 3 hour Enduro 2012

Also I wish to thank all who participated and helped to make the event a success.

 The Whosracing Team won both the 4 Lane and the Carerra Track 2 lane events 

 Congratulations to Graham, John and Peter.

Graham put in many hours of development in the months leading up to the event.  He did this both at FPR and SCR tracks. 

The winning car was again a Scale Auto Radical . This was fitted with a motor pod. the motor was a NSR 22K Shark. It has gears and NSR 17" wheels on the rear.  MJK 4205 tires lasted well without needing a change.  

 I was hoping this event would help develop both the skills of the car builders and of the drivers. I believe this was the case with all the teams participating.

 Thanks to Mike for helping again with the running of the event.

 It was very disappointing to have Mike come home in first but having to forfeit the placing. 

Unfortunately a team member had to withdraw before all the race heats were completed, due to ill health. This the team drivers could not complete the required number of segments each for the event.

 I have changed the requirement for 2013 to address this. Also there will be no requirement that any team is formed from a club. Managers will be able to select drivers openly.

 The next event is planned for November 2013. . The Car format will remain the same being LeMans LMP 1 & 2 Sports (open top) cars raced after 1998.

 The motor and car rules will be as in 2012 but a more specific with the location of lights to get them placed in the area they appear on the full size car. 

 I was pleased with the competition level of this year’s event and hope we can continue that in 2013.



Chad's Race Report: last year 2011

Fulham Park Raceway 3 Hour Enduro


 A quiet afternoon of practice and bbq made way for slot car racing as, at about 7:30pm, the silence broke and drivers settled in for a night of enduro racing. It was quite clear after the first bracket as to which car was the one to beat, with the FPR’s Scale Auto Radical being about half a second quicker than the other 3 teams cars.

There was the mandatory computer glitch at the start of the second bracket and all of the stats had to be recorded manually from then on.

In the second bracket, team “lads” not so glued in motor came out and had to be glued back in. Other than that all cars ran well with no major glitches. The 21.5K orange end bell motors, used by most teams, didn't fail (despite getting very hot).

Here is a rundown of each teams car, in order:

-        Fulham Park Raceway: Scale Auto Radical, inline motor pod, NSR shark                 22K motor            1424 laps

-        Team Broke: Ninco BMW, 21.5K motor  1344 laps

-        Team Aston: Scalextric Porsche LMP, 21.5K   motor                                       1324 laps

-        The Lads: Ninco BMW, 21.5K motor    1281 laps

All cars ran MJK tires where hardly any wear was recorded on the new, smooth, Lincoln Park 2 track.


Results of FPR  3 Hour  Le Mans Team Event 2011

1st -  Fulham Park Raceway Team - 1424 Laps  

 Drivers:  David J (Team Manager) - John S  - John  J

2nd - Team Broke (SCR)                -  1344 Laps

 Drivers:  Alan O (Team Manager) - Kym C - Ian S - Jordon C

3rd - Team Aston (FPR)                 - 1324 Laps

 Drivers: Mike F (Team Manager) - James F - Josh F - Graham P

4th - The Lads (SCR)   - 1281 Laps

Drivers:  Chad R (Team Manager) - Steve K - Mark D

Records: Lap Record  - 6.8665 secs - FPR Team - John S - Red Lane 

                                 Car: Scale Auto Radical, Motor Carrier, NSR Shark 22k.

             Laps / 15 minutes - 125 - FPR Team - John S - Red Lane 

                                 Car: As above 

Some other data : 

Teams best lane results. 

  Red Green Yellow Blue
 125 -H9- JS
 124 - H6-JS
 122 -H3- JS
 124 -H12- JS
  6.8665 -H9- JS
 6.9592 -H6- JS
 7.0352 -H3- JS
 7.0610 -H12- JS
 Team Broke
 115-H12- 113 - H9-
117- H2-
 Team Aston
 115-H7- 117-H12- 115- H7 & H9-
 114- H6-
 N/R   7.4483 -H7-MF  
 The Lads
 113-H10-CR 112-H7-CR  112-H8-S & M  108-H5-SK
  7.4970-H6-MD 7.5740-H11-SK 7.6020-H12-MD  7.8380-H9-MD


FPR Enduro 2011 winner